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PA221 Habakkuk 2:9-3:19 mp3

Habakkuk Series 2

In this message, we complete our study of the book of Habakkuk. Woe on those who covet, are violent, give drink to others, and are idolators. Habakkuk writes a psalm about the LORD and His mighty work.


PA220 Habakkuk 1:1-2:8 mp3

Habakkuk Series 1

In this message, Habakkuk complains of the unjust conditions of his day, and the fact that the LORD does not seem to act to counteract them. Yet the LORD reveals that He is soon bringing disaster on the whole land by the power of the Chaldeans. Habakkuk wonders how the LORD can keep silence in the light of all the wickedness that is done. The LORD responds that the punishment of the wicked surely will come, though you may have to wait for it. The just shall live by faith.