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PA104 I Timothy 6:11-21 mp3

I Timothy Series 10

In concluding I Timothy, Paul urges Timothy to flee the wicked things he has been talking about, and to fight the good fight of faith. Timothy is to keep these commandments. Paul offers praise to the Lord. He gives a last word of command for the rich. Finally he urges Timothy to guard what has been entrusted to him.


PA103 I Timothy 5:16-6:10 mp3

I Timothy Series 9

We have considered the matter of widows from I Timothy 5. He commands Timothy regarding elders. He charges him to keep these things. He urges him not to identify himself too quickly with anyone, as the sins of some are not clear beforehand. He gives him medical advice concerning his stomach problems. He gives instructions regarding slaves and how they are to behave. He speaks of those who teach differently than these things he is teaching. He urges him to be content, and warns him against the love of money.

PA102 I Timothy 5:1-16 mp3

I Timothy Series 8

In this message, Paul’s instructs Timothy how to treat elder men and women. Then, he discusses how to treat widows. Though it is not entirely clear it seems that there was an official list of widows who would be supported by the community. They would pledge themselves to remain unmarried and dedicated to God, and the ekklesia would provide their support. However, some problems were arising with this, and God instructs Timothy who should and should not be allowed on this list.

PA101 I Timothy 4:12-16 mp3

I Timothy Series 7

In I Timothy 4, Paul closes out the chapter with some personal instructions to Timothy. We consider these instructions, and the important lessons we can learn from them.

PA100 – I Timothy 3:16-4:11 mp3

I Timothy Series 6

In this message, we continue I Timothy 3:16, speaking of “God manifest in the flesh.” What is this passage saying? What should the text actually read? Then, considering I Timothy 4:1-11. The doctrines of demons and what they are. The rule for today regarding foods/meats. Timothy should instruct the brethren, and avoid old womanish fables. Bodily exercise. One of the “faithful sayings.” God the Savior of all men: how is this so?

PA099 I Timothy 3:8-15 mp3

I Timothy Series 5

In this message, we continue our study of I Timothy 3. Paul writes the qualifications for a deacon, which merely meant a servant. He urges they be tested first before they serve as servants. Then, he lists qualifications for their wives as well, as well as for their families. He hopes to come to Timothy in Ephesus soon. He has written these things to help him know how to behave in the house of God, which is the ekklesia of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. What does this mean? What is this ekklesia that is so important?

PA098 I Timothy 2:11-3:7 mp3

I Timothy Series 4

In this lesson, Paul discusses wives learning in silence with all submission. Why was this? He uses the example of Adam and Eve. What does it mean that she will be saved in childbearing? Then, Paul speaks a faithful saying. What is the “office of a bishop”? We examine the words behind this. Then, we examine each criterion.

PA097 I Timothy 2:1-10 mp3

I Timothy Series 3

In this message, we consider Paul’s exhortation to prayer. What to pray for rulers. What does it mean that God desires all to be saved? Christ as the One Mediator. Why did he assure Timothy he was speaking the truth in Christ and not lying? His desire for men to pray and women to adorn themselves.

PA096 I Timothy 1:7-20 mp3

I Timothy Series 2

In this message, we continue our consideration of the first chapter of I Timothy. Using the law lawfully. The law was not made for righteous men but for wicked. Thanking Christ for putting him into the ministry. Paul the chief of sinners: what does this mean? The prophecies made on Timothy. Those who concerning the faith have suffered shipwreck.

PA095 I Timothy Introduction mp3

I Timothy Series 1

In this message, we begin a study of the first inspired letter of Paul to Timothy. We consider the man Timothy and the background that we know of him from the book of Acts. We consider the author and his introduction to Timothy. What were the circumstances in which Paul urged Timothy to stay in Ephesus while he went into Macedonia? The Godly dispensation which is in faith. The purpose of the commandment.