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PSA181 Paul’s Last Words! (To the Ephesians) mp3

In this message, we consider Paul’s last words addressed to the elders of the Ephesians ekklesia from Acts 20:18-35. Considering the circumstances under which these last words were spoken. What Paul said to them, what he warned them about, and what he left them with. What lessons can we learn from Paul’s final instructions to these people whom he loved so much?


PSA180 Paul Addresses the Gentiles mp3

In this message, we consider how Paul’s messages from the book of Acts that were spoken specifically to Gentiles were different from his usual addresses to an audience largely made up of Jews. We consider specifically his addresses in Acts 14:15-17 and Acts 17:22-31.

PSA179 Justified From Everything mp3

Considering the story of Paul’s address to those in the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch in Acts 13, and his proclamation to them that they could be “justified from everything” that the law of Moses could not justify them from. What sorts of things could the law of Moses not justify you from? How was this particularly relevant to the Jews outside of the land of Israel?

PSA178 The Case of Cornelius mp3

In this message, we consider the case of Cornelius in Acts 10, and the sending of Peter to him. What was God accomplishing by sending the word to a Gentile? What is the truth about the salvation of Gentiles in the book of Acts? How is it different from the salvation of Gentiles today?

PSA176 Acts Outline 4 – Paul’s Imprisonment and Trials mp3

In this message, we conclude our study of the outline of Acts by considering the final section about Paul’s imprisonment and trials from Acts 21-28. Paul’s arrest at Jerusalem, his defense before the people and before the Sanhedrin, his trials before Felix and before Festus, his presentation to King Agrippa and Bernice, his journey to Rome and shipwreck on the way, and his final presentation to the Jewish leaders in Rome. What is the purpose of this portion of Acts? Why is this part of Paul’s ministry, seemingly so much less important than his journeys to various cities around the Mediterranean during his ministry, given in so much more detail than his ministry was?

PSA175 Acts Outline 3 – Paul’s Ministry mp3

In this message, we consider the third section of the book of Acts: Paul’s ministry. Considering his three apostolic journeys. Which regions and cities he visited on each journey. How he backed up each visit.

PSA174 Acts Outline 2 – The Great Scattering mp3

In this message, we consider the second section of the book of Acts, which I call the “Great Scattering.” How they scattered after the stoning of Stephen, as is set forth in the example of Philip in Acts 8. Examining the characteristics of this period, and considering how it came to an end.

PSA173 Acts Outline 1 – The Great Unity mp3

In this message, we consider the first section of the book of Acts, which I call the “Great Unity.” All believers are gathered together in one great unity in Jerusalem. We see the characteristics of this unity, and how God maintained it. Challenges to the unity, and how they were overcome. How the unity was finally broken up.

PA094 Acts Survey and Conclusion mp3

Acts Series 33

In this message, we do a survey of the book of Acts as we conclude its study, considering the four sections of Acts and reviewing what occurs in each chapter. Also includes a consideration as to how Acts ends, and why it ends as it does.

PA093 Acts 28:23-31 mp3

Acts Series 32

In this message, we complete our study of Acts chapter 28. The meeting of Paul with the Jews on a certain day. He testifies the kingdom of God, persuading them concerning the Lord Jesus. When some believe and some do not believe, Paul admonishes the rejecters, quoting Isaiah 6:9-10 against them. Then, he makes a momentous proclamation in Acts 28:28, which we examine in detail. Finally, the Jews leave, and Paul remains for two whole years in his own hired house. We discuss his actions during this time. Finally, we consider why Acts ends so abruptly at this point?