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PA310 Kingdom of God Part 10: The Millennium Versus the Kingdom mp3

In this message, we complete our consideration of what will happen at the start of the kingdom by considering the kingdom when it is fully come in. Then, seeking to show actual differences between the millennium, which is the thousand-year parousia of Jesus Christ, and the premillennial kingdom that precedes it. Finishing up with a brief consideration of the difference between these periods and the new heavens and new earth that comes afterwards.


PA309 Kingdom of God Part 9 – The Renewed Earth mp3

In this message, we consider Elijah and Cyrus, two men from within and without Israel who do great works of restoration. Then, we consider that the government is established in Israel first, and the other nations flow to it. Rulers assemble there, and the twelve make disciples of all the nations. They give up war, and defenses are no longer needed. David is appointed over Israel, and he cuts off the wicked of the land. The animals of the earth are restored to peace with each other. The plant kingdom will flourish, and all on earth will be satisfied with abundant food. What a time the kingdom will be!

PA308 Kingdom of God Part 8 – The Return of Israel mp3

In this message, we continue our consideration of events that will start the coming kingdom of God and how that kingdom will proceed at its beginning. Israel is restored to the LORD. They are gathered to their own land to be His people once again. All other nations are subdued under them to allow this. All the ruined cities are rebuilt and Israel prospers once again. The land becomes like the Garden of Eden and the people of Israel are increased. What a time this will be!

PA307 Kingdom of God Part 7 – Events Starting the Kingdom mp3

In this message, we consider the series of events that will take place at the start of the coming Kingdom of God. First, we consider the wicked character of men as the dispensation of grace in which we live reaches its last days. Then, God steps in and makes His truth known. We consider passages from II Timothy, Psalms, Isaiah, John, I Timothy, Titus, and Colossians that all talk about this stepping in. Next the dead Israelites are raised from the dead, as we see in I Corinthians, I Thessalonians, and Ezekiel. Israel are gathered together into the wilderness to meet the LORD and to be brought into the new covenant with Him.

PA306 Kingdom of God Part 6 – 500 Years Versus 700 Years mp3

In this message, we continue our study of the Kingdom of God, considering the 500 year period of Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy versus the 700 years that Otis Q. Sellers taught will be the length of the kingdom. Is there a good reason to think the kingdom might be 700 years long?

PA305 Kingdom of God Part 5: Charts on Message of the Bible and Daniel’s 70 Weeks mp3

In this message, we conclude our consideration of various charts published by The Word of Truth Ministry down through the years. This time we consider two published since founder Otis Q. Sellers’ death. One on the Message of the Bible is an intermediate chart between the original and the one currently on the website. The one on Daniel’s 70 Weeks accompanied a study over a decade ago on the 70 weeks of Daniel, setting forth some new findings and ideas regarding that interesting prophecy.

PA304 Kingdom of God Part 4 – Chart on the Thousand Years, Little Season, and New Earth mp3

In this message, we conclude our study of the chart on the Seed and Bread website at:

We conclude by considering the thousand year Parousia of Jesus Christ, the Little Season following, and finally the glorious New Heaven and New Earth. Then, we consider several other, older charts put out by The Word of Truth Ministry, and consider how they differ from the current chart.

PA303 Kingdom of God Part 3: Chart on the Kingdom, Revolt, and Coming mp3

In this message, we continue considering the chart on the Seed and Bread website at Considering the manifest kingdom of God, the revolt against the kingdom that follows, and the second coming of Jesus Christ that leads into His glorious, thousand-year Parousia.

PA302 Kingdom of God Part 2: Dispensational Chart of the Kingdom mp3

In this message, we consider and discuss the dispensational chart on the website , called the “Dispensational Chart of the Kingdom.” I offer my comments and thoughts on this chart and what we can learn from it. Considering the Gospel Period, the Acts Period, the Dispensation of Grace, and the Manifest Kingdom of God.

PA301 The Kingdom of God Part 1: The Days of Scripture mp3

We begin a series answering questions I received about my beliefs regarding the kingdom of God. First, considering the various days of Scripture. What days have to do with the kingdom of God? How do we tell the various days of Scripture apart?