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PSA225 – Jonah 2 – A Lesson For Jonah mp3

Jonah Series 2

In this message, Jonah fulfills his mission to the city of Nineveh, and the people there listen. We discuss this, and if this really makes sense historically. Could God really have changed the hearts of the people of this pagan city? Then, we consider Jonah’s anger about the sparing of Nineveh. He really wanted the city to be destroyed! We discuss his wrath, and the lesson God really had to teach to Jonah, and the lesson there is here for us as well.

Scripture Passage: Jonah 3:1-4:11


PSA224 Jonah 1 – God or Country mp3

Jonah Series 1

In the book of Jonah, we are introduced to a prophet of Israel who did not wish to obey the command of the LORD nor give the message that God ordered him to give. When the LORD’s will seemed bad for his country, Jonah chose country over God. He was even willing to die at God’s hand to help his country! In the stubbornness of this wayward prophet we can learn lessons that are important for us to understand as well.

Scripture Passage: Jonah 1:1-2:10