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PSA144 We Establish the Law 7 – The Law and the New Covenant mp3

We Establish the Law Series 7

In this message, we discuss that, while teaching the law is good, we must teach it according to all that the Bible says about it. We learn that the ten commandments were the ten terms of a covenant (agreement) God made with Israel. When these were broken, Moses shattered the stone tables containing the covenant. Later, however, a second set of stone tables were given. We discuss the purpose of these, and the new relationship Israel bore to the law. Then, considering the new covenant. This covenant meets their lack in the first covenant: they didn’t have the heart to keep it. How the new covenant is related to the old. How is the believer today blessed, if not by the new covenant?


PSA143 We Establish the Law 6 – The Broken Covenant mp3

We Establish the Law Series 6

In this message, we consider the breaking of the Sinai covenant by the Israelites some 47 days after it was made by the worshiping of the golden calf. What that broken covenant meant, and what the outcome of the breaking of the covenant was.

PSA142 We Establish the Law 5 – Misconceptions Concerning the Law mp3

We Establish the Law Series 5

In this message, we consider various misconceptions many people have regarding the law. Is it a perfect transcript of the mind of God? Is there a “moral” and a “ceremonial” law? Could you bring a sacrifice for breaking the Ten Commandments? Could the law not be kept? Was the law never given to be kept? Did the law cover all sins? Is the law greater than its component parts? Did Christ end the law?

PSA141 We Establish the Law 4 The Ten Commandments Part 2 mp3

We Establish the Law Series 4

In this message, we continue considering the ten commandments. Finishing our consideration of the fourth commandment to remember the Sabbath. Then, discussing the other commandments in order: honoring your father and mother, murder, adultery, stealing, false witness, and coveting.

PSA140 We Establish the Law Part 3 The Ten Commandments Part 1 mp3

We Establish the Law Series 3

In this message, we start to consider the ten commandments, the ten terms of God’s covenant with Israel. No other gods before Him. We discuss what the name “God” means, and how that relates to how it is used in the Bible. Making no graven images…does this forbid art and statues? Not taking the name of the Lord in vain. Is this just swearing, or is there a more important way of doing this that we should also avoid? Finally, the sabbath day. What day is the Sabbath? Is it important for believers today to keep this day? Was this a command for all mankind and all time?

PSA139 We Establish the Law Part 2 The Covenant of Sinai mp3

We Establish the Law Series 2

In this message, we continue our examination of the law. Considering the covenant God made with Israel at Sinai. Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, does not like how he is leading, and makes a suggestion. We notice that there were many men in Israel who already hated covetousness before the commandment was ever given against it. Israel agreed to the covenant before knowing what it would be. Finally, considering the ten commandments, and what they were.

PSA138 We Establish the Law Part 1 – The Covenant With Abraham mp3

We Establish the Law Series 1

In this message, we begin a consideration of the law. We know that the law is an important part of the Old Testament, and the setting forth of it comprises much of the first five books of the Bible. We praise God that we are not under the law, but under grace. Yet this is no excuse for having a vast ignorance of the law. Paul places importance upon teaching the law lawfully. This is what we are seeking to do. To do this, we must understand its connection both to God’s covenants and to Israel. Through this study, we will seek to learn the truth of the law, so that we can rightly divide, and thus we will establish the law.