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PA232 Malachi 4:1-6 mp3

Malachi Series 4

In this message, Malachi discusses the day when the proud and the wicked will be burned up like stubble. Yet the Sun of righteousness will arise on those who fear His name. He will send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. What does this mean? When will this take place? Could this possibly be referring to John the Baptist, or not?


PA231 Malachi 3:1-18 mp3

Malachi Series 3

In this message, we consider the messenger who prepares the way before the LORD. He urges Israel to return to Him. They have robbed Him in tithes and offerings. Does this mean we should give 10% of our income to a church? They have spoken harshly against God, claiming it is useless to serve Him. Those who feared the LORD discussed what He had said among themselves, and the LORD promised that someday He would make them His jewels.

PA230 Malachi 2:1-17 mp3

Malachi Series 2

In this message, the Lord speaks to the priests. They are to hear His commandment to them, or He will curse them. He speaks of Levi when He first set them up as His special tribe. He describes His ideal for His priests, and then contrasts this with how they are acting. He is angry with those in Israel and Judah who have married foreign women who serve other gods. He is also angry with those who were divorcing the wives of their youth. He hates divorce, and will not hear their prayers because of this. He is frustrated with them because they say that He loves those who do evil and does not do justice.

PA229 Malachi 1v1-14 mp3

Malachi Series 1

In this message, we begin a study of the book of Malachi, the messenger. This prophet was one of the final voices (if not the final voice) between the Old and New Testaments. Worship at the new temple has gone on long enough for it to devolve into ceremonial formalism. What does it mean that the LORD loved Jacob and hated Esau? His word against Edom. The priests are despising the LORD’s reputation. They find His sacrifices a weariness, and bring the blind and lame as offerings. We should watch our own attitudes about the LORD’s altar.