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PSA038 Jehovah in the Hands of the Philistines mp3

I Samuel Series 2

In this message, we follow the progress of the ark of the covenant as it is captured by the Philistines. We see how the Israelites actually taught them to view the ark the wrong way. We see the lessons that God taught them about Himself. We see how the Israelites, getting the ark back, showed that they did not respect it as they should have. Finally, we see how even David did not treat the ark as he should have, and had to learn a lesson. It is a hard thing to be in the presence of a holy God!


PSA037 Samuel and Eli mp3

I Samuel Series 1

In this message, we contrast two important Bible characters from I Samuel 1-3: the child Samuel and the aged priest Eli. We see that age, position, and experience did not make a difference when Eli chose to honor his sons instead of the LORD. Samuel, by contrast, pleased the LORD in all he did.