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PSA115 John’s Postscript: What Now? mp3

John Series 46

In this message, we consider the final chapter of John. Since John gave his great concluding statement in John 20:30-31, why is there a chapter 21 to the book? We discuss this. What now for the believer now that he is “in Christ?” We consider this question using the example of the man Peter.

Scripture Passage: John 21:1-25


PSA114 John Conclusion: John’s Gospel Versus Paul’s Gospel mp3

John Series 45

In this message, we conclude our studies of the book of John. Considering John’s stated purpose, to produce believers in the fact that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing they have life through His name; and comparing this to Paul’s gospel. When Paul summarizes his gospel in I Corinthians 15:1-4, does this match up with what John teaches? How does the gospel Paul says we are saved by compare with what John teaches in his gospel?

Scripture Passage: John 20:30-31; I Corinthians 15:1-4

PSA113 John’s Great Theme mp3

John Series 44

In this message, we consider the Lord’s second appearance to the disciples after His resurrection. Thomas was not there the first time, and will not believe. When He appears to them again, Thomas believes, and what we can learn from his belief. Then, John states the great theme of his book. What is meant by the fact that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God? What can we learn from John’s great theme?

Scripture Passage: John 20:24-31

PSA111 Witness to the Resurrection mp3

John Series 43

In this message, we consider the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the witnesses to it presented to us by the book of John. Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb, and when she finds the stone rolls away, reports to His disciples that someone had taken His body. John and Peter run to see, and find Him not there, but the grave clothes remain. Mary sees the Lord in the garden, and talks with Him. He does not allow her to touch Him. Then, the disciples see the Lord, while they are all together with the doors shut for fear of the Jews. He breathes on them and gives them the Holy Spirit. What is this all about?

Scripture Passage: John 20:1-23

PSA110 The Offense of the Cross mp3

John Series 42

In this message, we consider the cross. Was it just a stake, as some claim, or did it have a crosspiece? Then, considering the events while the Lord was on the cross, both before and after His death. Then, the events surrounding his burial, and the men who performed it. Finally, we consider the message of the cross. What is it that really is offensive about the cross, as Paul suggests in Galatians 5:11?

Scripture Passage: John 19:25-42

PSA108 More Problems of Pilate mp3

John Series 41

In this message, we consider the remainder of the Lord’s trial before Pilate. Pilate has the Lord Jesus scourged, hoping this will cause His enemies to have pity on Him and relent. However, all they do is call for His crucifixion. Pilate is ready to let Him go, so the Jews reveal to him that the Lord said He was the Son of God. Pilate is afraid, and asks the Lord where He is from. When He will not answer, however, he regains his confidence. He is ready to let the Lord go, but the Jews threaten to report to Caesar that Pilate is supporting another King in his place. Pilate then relents, and gives Him into their hands to crucify. We consider the road to the crucifixion, the event itself, the title over His head, and the gambling of the soldiers for His garments.

Scripture Passage: John 19:1-24

PSA107 The (Many) Problems of Pilate mp3

John Series 40

In this message, we consider the (many) problems of Pilate as he was forced to try the Lord Jesus Christ by the religious leadership of the Jerusalem Jews. The religious leaders refuse to tell Pilate their charges against the Lord, hoping Pilate will just condemn Him on their say-so. Pilate questions the Lord, hoping to discover what the real contention is. He thinks it might be that the Lord claims to be a King. The Lord admits to this, but claims His kingdom is not of this world. There are important lessons for us in this. The Lord reveals that He is the truth, but Pilate is too weary of the search for truth to hear Him. He tries to get the people to ask for the Lord to be released as a feast-time good will gesture, but they ask for Barabbas instead. Who asked for Barabbas, however? Was it the same crowd as cheered the Lord at His triumphal entry, as so many claim? Or is this a slanderous claim against the Lord’s loyal followers?

Scripture Passage: John 18:28-40

PSA105 The (Many) Problems of Peter mp3

John Series 39

In this message, we consider Peter as he faced the arrest and trials of Christ. How he tried to stand for Christ in the garden. Then, how he followed the Lord to the palace of the high priest and stood outside during His trial before Annas. Peter’s three denials of the Lord.

Scripture Passage: John 18:10-27

PSA102 The Lord’s Prayer For Unity mp3

John Series 38

In this message, the Lord prays for unity among not only His disciples, but also those who would believe on Him through their word. Was His prayer answered, or are we causing it to fail? How much priority should we give to unity? Then, considering the arrest in the garden, as we begin to consider the series of events that led up to the Lord’s death, burial, and resurrection.

Scripture Passage: John 17:20-18:9

PSA100 A Little While No, A Little While Yes mp3

John Series 36

In this message, we continue the Lord’s teaching to His disciples between the last supper and the garden of Gethsemane. The Spirit would give them the words that the Lord could not give them yet. A little while and they would not see Him, and then again a little while and they would see Him. This confuses the disciples, but the Lord answers their question even without them asking Him. He speaks of their coming sorrow that will turn into joy.

Scripture Passage: John 16:12-33