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PA227 Lamentations 5:1-22 mp3

Lamentations Series 4

In this message, we complete our study of the book of Lamentations in the final chapter. Jeremiah calls on the LORD to consider all the terrible things that have happened to His people after the destruction of Jerusalem. The people are completely humiliated. The women and children are mistreated. The nobility are dishonored. He asks the LORD to turn unto them, yet at the time He had utterly rejected them because of His anger.


PA226 Lamentations 3:40-4:22 mp3

Lamentations Series 3

In this message, we continue Jeremiah’s lamentation in Lamentations 3, speaking of his imprisonment in the pit in Jeremiah 38. The words that the people of Israel should have spoken in turning back to the LORD. Yet instead they did not, and were destroyed. Jeremiah speaks of being lowered into the watery dungeon, and yet of the LORD hearing him from there and delivering him. He calls for a curse on the wicked men responsible for putting him there. Then, in Lamentations 4, he bemoans the utter ruin of even the best and brightest of the people of Israel. The punishment of Sodom was easier to bear because it was soon over, whereas in Jerusalem they slowly starved and died ┬áby inches. Even the few who thought to escape were soon pursued and caught by their enemies. Edom rejoiced over the calamity of her neighbor, but God assures her that her own time of destruction is coming soon.

PA225 Lamentations 2:8-3:39 mp3

Lamentations Series 2

In this message, the Lord reveals His purpose to destroy Zion. The people will starve to death from lack of food in the siege. Judah’s false prophets lied to them that this calamity would not come. Their enemies rejoice over their destruction. Children, the young, and the old lie dead together. Then, in chapter 3, the prophet speaks of himself. He became a laughingstock to all his people. Yet even in his distress, he remembers the mercies of the LORD. It is His mercies that will keep His people from being consumed completely.

PA224 Lamentations 1:1-2:7 mp3

Lamentations Series 1

In this message, we consider the book of Lamentations, which presents five elegies on the destruction of Jerusalem, four of them in acrostic form. Judah had thought they could rely on the nations around them to help them, but they had abandoned them when Babylon came to destroy them. No one now comes up to Jerusalem for the LORD’s feasts, for the land is empty. The LORD’s warning to them of what would happen if they abandoned Him and did not keep His commandments is coming true. He has brought about the destruction even of His temple and altar.