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CTW020 Covetousness mp3

In this message, we consider the last of the ten commandments
regarding covetousness. What did God mean when He said not to covet?

CTW019 False Witness mp3

In this message, we continue our consideration of the ten commandments
by looking at the ninth commandment, regarding false witness against
our neighbors.

CTW018 You Shall Not Steal mp3

In this message, we examine the command from the ten commandments
regarding stealing. What should the attitude of the believer today be
regarding stealing?

CTW017 Adultery mp3

In this message, we consider the seventh of the ten commandments
forbidding adultery. What can we learn from this commandment? What
should our attitude towards adultery be in this dispensation?

CTW016 Murder mp3

In this message, we discuss the sixth of the ten commandments, demanding
that we not commit murder. What are some ways that people misuse this
commandment today? What can we say about what God meant by this?

CTW015 Honor Your Father and Mother mp3

In today’s message, we consider the fifth of the ten commandments, the
command to “honor your father and mother.” What did God mean by this?
What does this mean for us today? How do we honor our father and mother?

CTW014 Remember the Sabbath mp3

The fourth of the ten commandments God gave Israel as part of His
covenant with them was to remember the Sabbath. In this message, we
discuss this Sabbath day, what it was, how it came about, and who God
gave it to. How should we relate to the Sabbath day?

CTW013 Taking God’s Name in Vain mp3

In this message, we study the third of the ten terms of God’s covenant
with Israel that are often called the ten commands. This commandment
forbade taking God’s name in vain. Most people think of this in
connection with swearing. But is this really what God was talking
about? What does this command really mean?

CTW012 No Graven Image mp3

In this message, we consider the second of the “ten commandments,” that
they were to make no graven image. How does this command relate to us today?

CTW011 No Other Gods Before Me mp3

In this message, we discuss the first of the “ten commandments,”
demanding that the children of Israel have no other gods before the
LORD. What is a god? How does this work with Christ claiming to be God?
How can we apply this to our own lives?