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PA029 Daniel 12 mp3

Daniel Series 13

In this message, we complete our study of the book of Daniel. The hierophant finishes His revelation to Daniel. Then, some closing remarks to finish the book. Daniel goes his way to finish his life and die, but his revelations will continue when he is raised from the dead to live his kingdom life in the future.


PA028 Daniel 11 mp3

Daniel Series 12

In this message, we examine the rather unusual chapter of Daniel 11. Considering the things that Daniel was shown regarding what was going to come to pass in the last days. The battles and rivalries that the prophecy shows forth, and the appearance of the vile person and his activities.

PA027 Daniel 10 mp3

Daniel Series 11

In this message, we begin the last vision in Daniel. Daniel is fasting and seeking knowledge from the Lord. Three weeks later, he receives a superlative vision, and meets an amazing heavenly messenger.

PA026 Daniel 9:24-27 mp3

Daniel Series 10

In this message, we consider the great prophecy of seventy sevens in Daniel 9:23-27. We discuss what this time period is all about, what it means, and how it fits into the overall picture of the kingdom of God. We discuss the issues this passage brings up, and what conclusions we can draw from it.

PA025 Daniel 9 mp3

Daniel Series 9

In this message, we begin an examination of Daniel 9. Daniel, reading the book of the prophet Jeremiah, comes to understand that the desolations of Jerusalem would last seventy years, a period that even then was coming to an end. He prays to the Lord about what he has read, confessing Israel’s sins. The Lord responds by sending Gabriel again to speak to Daniel, and to tell him more of God’s plans for the future.

PA024 Daniel 8 mp3

Daniel Series 8

In this message, we consider the eighth chapter of the book of Daniel, and his second great vision of the future. Does this vision deal with the immediate future in Daniel’s day, or with the far future of the kingdom of God? What can we learn from the vision God gave Daniel in this chapter?

PA023 Daniel 7 mp3

Daniel Series 7

In this message, we begin to study the second half of the book of Daniel. This half of the book deals with Daniel’s visions of the future. In this first vision, Daniel is introduced to several future rulers, culminating in a terrible one called the little horn. Then, the Ancient of Days comes and sits. The Son of Man appears before the Ancient of Days. We discuss the question: which of these is Jesus Christ, the Ancient of Days, or the Son of Man? Whichever One He is, who is the other one? Then, considering the interpretation of the vision.

PA022 Daniel 6 mp3

Daniel Series 6
In this lesson, we study Daniel 6, and see the jealousy of the Persian officials against Daniel. We also learn of Darius, the great Persian king, and his relationship with Daniel and the Lord. We discuss Daniel in the lion’s den, and what Darius learned of the true God.

PA021 Daniel 5 mp3

Daniel Series 5
In this lesson, we consider the fifth chapter of Daniel. We consider the changes in Babylon since Nebuchadnezzar’s death, and the reign of Belshazzar. The handwriting on the wall, and its meaning. The end of Babylon and Belshazzar.

PA020 Daniel 4 mp3

Daniel Series 4

In this lesson, we conclude the Lord’s work with Nebuchadnezzar. He has another dream, and Daniel interprets it for him. The dream comes to pass, and the outcome of it. The Lord finally brings this stubborn, heathen king into a place of submission and service to Himself.