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PA112 II Timothy 4:9-22 mp3

II Timothy Series 8

Paul lists those of his closest followers and entourage who sadly had forsaken him. He urges Timothy to join him as soon as possible. He warns him against Alexander the Coppersmith. No one stood with Paul at his first defense. What defense was he making, and before whom? The Lord was with Paul, and will continue to deliver him. Paul sends greetings, and urges Timothy to come before winter. Does this indicate a Paul who expected to die soon? Finally, his last words, leaving us with grace. So we close the last of Paul’s inspired writings, and what I believe was the last book written of the Bible.


PA111 II Timothy 4:1-8 mp3

II Timothy Series 7

In this section, Paul speaks of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who will make a determination regarding the living and the dead at His epiphaneia, even His kingdom. We discuss the meaning of this. Then charges to Timothy in light of this. Proclaiming the Word. Being an evangelist. Paul reaches the end of his course. What does this mean?

PA110 II Timothy 3:9-17 mp3

II Timothy Series 6

In this message, we conclude our study of Paul’s prophecy of the last days of the dispensation of grace. Then, he reminds Timothy of all that he had observed of Paul while traveling with him. Considering persecutors, and how Timothy is to respond to them. Discussing Scripture and its use.

PA109 II Timothy 3:1-8 mp3

II Timothy Series 5

In this message, we consider the twenty-one characteristics of men in the last days of this dispensation of grace. This makes up the syndrome of the last days, and allows us to diagnose when we are living in this important period. Then, the Lord through Paul reveals how this time is to end.

PA108 II Timothy 2:16-26 mp3

II Timothy Series 4

In this message, we complete the second chapter of II Timothy. Paul urges Timothy away from worldly and empty babbling, and warns him about false teaching which can overthrow faith. The vessels in a great house, and what should be done with vessels of dishonor. Things to flee and things to avoid. Finally, considering an introduction to the third chapter, which will be covered in the next lesson.

PA107 II Timothy 2:3-15 mp3

II Timothy Series 3

In this message, we consider further instructions Paul gives to Timothy in this book that finishes the writing of the Word of God. He wants the elect to obtain salvation with eonian glory. Then, he expresses a faithful saying that teaches us about salvation and rewards. He urges Timothy

PA106 II Timothy 1:9-2:2 mp3

II Timothy Series 2

In this message, we consider God’s saving and calling us. Concerning immortality. Paul’s belief, and the pattern of sound words that he gave. The thing that was committed to Timothy. We discuss the strange reality that all in Asia had turned away from Paul. What caused them to do this? Why does Paul wish the Lord’s mercy on the house of Onesiphorus? Were they or were they not part of those who rejected him? Timothy is to be strong. The matter of committing what you have learned to others, and Christian individualism.

PA105 II Timothy 1:1-8 mp3

II Timothy Series 1

In this message, we begin a study of the second letter of Paul to Timothy. We consider the background of this book, the fact that it is the last book of Paul, and that it is the last book written of the Scriptures. Considering the introduction. Paul serves God with a pure conscience away from his forefathers. The faith of Timothy, and the gift he had been given by the laying on of Paul’s hands. Paul urges Timothy not to be ashamed.