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PA248 I Thessalonians 5:5-28 mp3

I Thessalonians Series 7

In this message, Paul urges the Thessalonians to watch as those who are of the day. He urges them to put on the armor of God. God did not appoint us to wrath…does this mean we will not go through the tribulation, as some teach? They are to recognize those over them in the Lord…do we have such people today? He gives them many interesting final instructions, which we discuss. He asks for prayer, and charges them to read the epistle to all the holy brethren. Thus we close out our study of I Thessalonians.


PA247 I Thessalonians 4:16-5:5 mp3

I Thessalonians Series 6

In this message, we continue our study of this chapter with the catching up into the air mentioned in I Thessalonians 4, the passage used by many to support the idea of the “rapture.” We discuss what is happening here and what this meeting the Lord is all about. They already knew about the times and seasons. Men will be saying, “Peace and safety!” when sudden destruction will come on them like a thief.

PA246 I Thessalonians 4:13-15 mp3

I Thessalonians Series 5

In this message, Paul comforts the Thessalonians regarding those who had died. He reminds them that, just like we believe that Jesus died and rose again, so we believe that those who sleep in Jesus God will bring with Him. What does this “bringing with” Jesus mean? Then, he informs them that those who are alive and remaining at the parousia of the Lord will not precede those who have fallen asleep. Is this the same event? Will Paul be among those alive and remaining at that time, as he seems to suggest?

PA245 I Thessalonians 4:1-12 mp3

I Thessalonians Series 4

In this message, Paul, Silas, and Timothy urge the Thessalonians to walk as please God as they had commanded them. They should abstain from sexual immorality and defrauding his brother. To reject this is to reject God. They are taught by God to love one another and have been doing so. Yet they should increase in this more and more. They should lead a quiet life, mind their own business, work with their own hands, and act properly toward those without, and do these things so they lack nothing.

PA244 I Thessalonians 2:13-3:13 mp3

I Thessalonians Series 3

In this message, Paul, Silas, and Timothy thank God that the Thessalonians received the word of God from them as just that, and not the word of men. The Thessalonians suffered things from the hands of their countrymen, just like the Judeans suffered from the hands of the Jews. Paul and his companions are separated from them in presence, not in heart. They are their crown of rejoicing at Christ’s parousia. Paul and his company, because they were so concerned for the Thessalonians, thought it good to be left at Athens alone (without the other apostles) in order to send Timothy to the Thessalonians to establish them and comfort them in the faith. When Timothy returned, he brought a good report of the Thessalonians, which greatly comforted Paul. They thank God exceedingly for them and pray for their continuing abundance.

PA243 I Thessalonians 1:8-2:12 mp3

I Thessalonians Series 2

In this message, Paul congratulates the Thessalonians that the word of the Lord sounded out in every place their faith was spoken of. The Thessalonians know firsthand what the conduct of Paul and his companions was among them. They did not deceive, flatter, or seek personal glory. Instead they were gentle, affectionate, and hardworking. They charged the Thessalonians to walk worthy of God.

PA242 I Thessalonians 1:1-7 mp3

I Thessalonians Series 1

In this message, we begin a study of the book of I Thessalonians. Considering its place as following the book of Hebrews. This was an Acts period book written during the year and a half of Acts 18:11. Paul had been in Thessalonica in Acts 17:1-15, but had been forced to flee persecution after only three sabbath days, which persecution had followed him to Berea. Paul writes with Silas, the author of Hebrews, and Timothy. He thanks God for their faith, love, and hope. Their gospel came to the Thessalonians in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Thessalonians were examples to all who believe in Macedonia and Achaia (Greece).