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PSA240 Heaven or Earth, Where is the Future Home of God’s Redeemed? mp3

What Is Man? What Is His Destiny? Series

In this message, we consider the question of the future destiny of the believer. Is heaven our future home, or is the earth our future home in the kingdom of God? We consider the lack of Biblical evidence for any clear passage stating heaven is our future home. Is the Kingdom of God on earth a good hope, or a disappointing one? What about the commonly used passages of Philippians 3:20-21 and John 14:2-3, which are used to teach heaven as our future home? What about the idea that the believer of today has a special hope “in heavenly places?” What is our true, future home?


PSA239 Resurrection Versus Death; Which is Our Hope? mp3

What Is Man? What Is His Destiny? Series

In this message, we consider the idea that one goes to heaven the instant one dies versus the idea that one receives life only upon resurrection. Which of these views is consistent with the teaching of the Bible? What about passages that seem to teach otherwise?

PSA238 Views of the Punishment of the Wicked mp3

What Is Man? What Is His Destiny? Series

In this message, we consider various views of the future punishment of the wicked. Traditionalism states that the future punishment of the wicked is eternal, conscious torment in hell. Hell is made out to be preserving fire, keeping alive those who are cast there. Universalism believes that all wicked men, and perhaps all wicked beings, will eventually be restored to God and saved. Hell is made out to be remedial fire, and those cast there are eventually saved. Another belief is that there is no future punishment of the wicked, but rather that they perish as soon as they die. This makes hell out to be remedial fire again, but this time to punish wicked believers. Finally, there is the view of conditional immortality, which believes that the future punishment of the wicked is to be raised and judged, after which at some point they are destroyed, whereas only the righteous are granted immortality. This view makes hell to be consuming fire, burning up all those cast there. Which view of these is, in fact, the truth?

PA267 The Resurrections Part 3: Our Resurrection mp3

The Resurrections Series 3

In this message, we complete our study of the three future orders of resurrection by considering first the resurrection of they that are Christ’s at His parousia, and then by considering the great resurrection of all the dead, small and great, and the end. Then, what about us believers in Jesus Christ today? When will our resurrection be? We consider this and the out resurrection out from among the dead and what this means.

PA266 The Resurrections Part 2 – Orders of Resurrection mp3

The Resurrections Series 2

In this message, we consider the important truths about resurrection set forth in I Corinthians 15:20-24, which shows us that, while all will be raised, not all will be raised in the same resurrection. Rather, there are orders of resurrection, and companies in which people will be raised. First is the Anointed Firstfruits company. We discuss who will be involved in this company. Also, considering that this will involve a universal resurrection for Israel, when every Israelite will be raised.

PA265 The Resurrections – The Bible and Resurrection mp3

The Resurrections Series 1

Our belief in resurrection is a crucial part of our faith in Jesus Christ. The Old Testament sets forth resurrection as the hope for men after death. Christ, in dealing with the doubting Sadducees, proved that there is indeed resurrection in the Old Testament, even in the books of Moses. In the future, all men will be raised from the dead. However, this does not mean that they will all be raised at the same time. There is the universal resurrection of the dead, but there are also resurrections out from among the dead. We discuss this difference.

PSA090 Comfort in Death mp3

What is true comfort in death? Is it that death only happens as God wants it to, and no one dies a minute before God plans for him to die? Or is the comfort the Bible sets forth something different? We consider comfort in death from a Biblical perspective.

PSA089 In My Father’s House mp3

John Series 27

In this message, we consider John 14:1-3. The Lord assures His disciples that there are many mansions in His Father’s house. What did the Lord mean by this? What is the Father’s house? What are the mansions that are there? Does this tell us something about what life after death will be like?

Scripture passage: John 14:1-3