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PA159 Romans 16:1-27 mp3

Romans Series 22

In this message, we close out the book of Romans. Paul commends Pheobe to them, who apparently carried the letter to Rome. He gives greetings to various ones there. He gives a few last words of exhortation. He sends greetings from some who are with him. He makes one last proclamation, which is most interesting, regarding the gospel, the proclaiming of Christ, and a secret. What is the Lord telling us here to close out the book of Romans?


PA158 Romans 15:1-33 mp3

Romans Series 21

In this message, Paul concludes his theme of the strong and the weak by urging the strong to bear the infirmities of the weak, and that all build each other up, just as Christ did not please Himself but bore our reproaches. The Romans are to be likeminded toward each other and receive each other. Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision, and that the Gentiles might glorify God. Paul discusses his bold writing to them, and why he has written that way. God has done many mighty things through him, but he has striven to proclaim the gospel only where it had not been proclaimed before, which is why he has not come to the Romans as of yet. Yet he plans to come to them on his way to Spain. First, however, he has a collection for the poor saints in Jerusalem that he must take there. He discusses why it was good for people of other nations to support the believers in Judea. He requests their prayers that he might be delivered from the unbelievers in Judea and come to them with joy.

PSA147 Faith Comes By Hearing mp3

In Romans 10, Paul discusses his desire and prayer that Israel be saved. He talks about the righteousness which comes by faith, not by the law. He discusses four impossibilities that would keep one from calling on the Lord. He tells how faith comes: by hearing.

PA157 Romans 14:1-23 mp3

Romans Series 20

In this message, we consider how the Romans were to treat those weak in the faith regarding food. How those who eat certain foods and those who do not eat them should interact. Ultimately, we will all give account of ourselves to God. Therefore, we should not do anything that would cause a brother to stumble. Nothing is unclean of itself. Our first concern should be to build up one another.

PSA146 Dead to Sin mp3

In Romans 6, Paul argues that, though grace reigns, this does not mean that we are free to live in sin, because we are dead to sin. Our old lifestyle was crucified with Him. Christ died to sin on the cross, and now lives to God, so we should reckon ourselves as being in the same position. He assures the Romans they should not sin, even though they are now under grace, not the law. They used to be slaves of sin, but now they are free from sin and slaves to righteousness. The wages sin brings is dead, but God gives eonian life as a gift “in Christ.”

PA156 Romans 13:1-14 mp3

Romans Series 19

In this message, we consider Romans 13 and the “powers that be.” Who are these powers? Is the Lord telling us here that all governments are good and are put in place by God? What is the message of this passage? Then, considering love. The night is far spent; the day is at hand. How they should walk.

PA155 Romans12:1-21 mp3

Romans Series 18

In light of the teaching about God’s graciousness that has gone before in Romans, Paul now beseeches his readers to present their bodies as a living sacrifice to God. They are to be renewed in their thinking, and to consider themselves humbly. They are one body in Christ with different gifts, some of which he then lists. He goes on to instruct them further regarding proper attitude and behavior.

PA154 Romans 11:26-36 mp3

Romans Series 17

In this message, we continue considering the secret of partial blindness that happened to Israel in the Acts period. All Israel will eventually be saved…what does this mean? The election of Israel, and God’s irrevocable call. God’s plan to have mercy on all. Paul ends this pivotal chapter with a paean of praise to God in light of these things.

PA153 Romans 11:1-25 mp3

Romans Series 16

In this message, God argues that He has not cast away His people. Paul presents himself as a primary example, since he is an Israelite himself. There is a remnant of Israel faithful to God. The elect have obtained to God’s promises to Israel, but the rest are blinded. Israel have not stumbled that they should fall, but through their offense, salvation has come to the nations. Paul speaks to the nations as the apostle to the nations. He compares the believers who are not Israelites to a wild olive branch grafted into a cultivated olive tree to provoke the Jews to jealousy and emulation. The natural branches that were cut out could still be grafted in again. Then, the mystery of Romans: blindness in part happening to Israel. What is this mystery about?

PA152 Romans 10:11-21 mp3

Romans Series 15

In this message, we consider believing on Him and calling on Him. No difference between Jew and Greek…what does this mean? Then, a list of four impossibilities. The first three make sense, but what about the fourth? Israel and the message God sent to them.