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PSA223 Obadiah – The Lord Repays Those Who Hate His People mp3

Obadiah Series 1

In this message, we study the book of Obadiah. In his book, Obadiah warns Edom, the nation descended from Esau, that they would be punished for their pride, and for siding against Judah while they were being destroyed by Babylon. They too would be destroyed, and experience what Judah had. Israel will control the land of Edom in the Kingdom of God. God will set right all wrongs when He controls the governments of this earth.

Scripture Passage: Obadiah 1-21


PA166 Obadiah 1-21 mp3

In this message, we consider the vision of the prophet Obadiah concerning Edom. Destruction is coming upon the nation. The LORD’s complaint against them is that they should not have helped the enemies of Israel as they destroyed her or gloated over Jerusalem’s fate. Finally, He speaks of Edom in the kingdom of God to come, and the glory of His people at that time.