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PA170 Micah 6:1-7:20 mp3

Micah Series 4

In this message, the people of Israel complain that they are weary of bringing God thousands of offerings, and yet He still is not satisfied. The LORD replies that what He really wants is not more sacrifices, but a people whose life reflects righteousness and lawkeeping. Why would He be happy with them when He sees the instruments of dishonesty in their homes? They follow the false religion of Omri and Ahab, and yet think He should be happy with them! The sad condition the people are in means they cannot even trust those closest to them they are all such deceivers. The land eventually will be desolate for these sins. Yet in the end God will forgive their sins, and bring them into His glorious kingdom.


PA169 Micah 4:3-5:15 mp3

Micah Series 3

In this message, Micah continues his prophecy of Jerusalem in the last (resultant) days. The peace that will prevail then. The LORD will reign over them. Many nations sought their destruction in Micah’s day, but the LORD’s ultimate plans for them are victorious. For now, their king will be defeated, but a new King will arise out of Bethlehem Ephratah, the Messiah. They shall be given up to their enemies now, but in that day He will cause the defeat of all their enemies. Israel will dominate all other nations in that day. The LORD will remove all the wicked things out of their land.

PA168 Micah 2:6-4:2 mp3

In this message, the Lord complains against the false prophets of the people of Israel, and the people who loved their lying messages. They will all be carried away into captivity. Micah speaks against the rulers who oppress the people they are supposed to be caring for. He speaks against the prophets who worship idols. Jerusalem will be destroyed because of this. Yet then he speaks a prophecy of the latter days, when the Lord’s government shall be established, and all the peoples of the earth will come to Jerusalem to learn the ways of the LORD.

PA167 Micah 1:1-2:5 mp3

Micah Series 1

Introducing Micah, a book written during the destruction of the northern kingdom and the near-destruction and eventual salvation of the southern kingdom. The Lord presents His argument against the people and their wickedness and idolatry, justifying the destruction He is going to bring upon them. He speaks of some of the cities that will experience destruction. Woe will come upon them because of their wicked practices.