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PA264 Song of Solomon 6:4-8:14 mp3

In this message, the country girl has her final showdown with King Solomon. He praises her beauty, and hints at exalting her above all his other wives and concubines. The girl is not tempted by this, however. She informs him that she had come upon him originally quite by accident, and that she would prefer to never have met him or drawn his attention. When she tries to leave, however, he calls her back. This time, he tries to seduce her and stir up her passions. Now, she must play her trump card, and informs Solomon that she already belongs to her shepherd. He has no choice, then. We learn the lessons of the book: that the desire for marital exclusivity is a fire kindled by the Lord, and love is so great that many waters cannot quench it and the entire substance of one’s house cannot buy it. Have we learned the lessons of this great book of the Song of songs?


PA263 Song of Solomon 4:1-6:3 mp3

In this message, the country girl taken by force by Solomon back to Jerusalem in hopes that he can marry her has an interview in Jerusalem with her shepherd betrothed. He praises her for her faithfulness and constancy. Then, they concoct a desperate plan to try to free her from Solomon’s clutches. The girl recalls a dream to her Jerusalem maids wherein her love came to her and she was too tired to receive him, only later with horror to realize what she had done. These women doubt that her shepherd love can really be so great, and she, provoked, pours out praise upon him. They claim to want to see this one she has described so wonderfully, but she doubts their motives and speaks only vaguely of his location.

PA262 Song of Solomon 2:1-3:11 mp3

In this message, the country girl and her betrothed shepherd love continue their interview while Solomon is at his table. They praise each other and belittle their own qualities. Then, the girl relates a story that happened earlier in their relationship. He came to see her when the winter rains were over, eager to spend the day with her in the fields. Her brothers, who were in charge of the family, refused to allow her to do this, forcing her to work in their vineyards instead. That night she made a date with her shepherd, but he did not show up. She went out and found him, and brought him to her mother’s chambers for their time together. The scene changes, and Solomon’s cavalcade arrives at Jerusalem. The inhabitants notice many wonderful things about the parade, like his crown, his sedan-chair, and his honor guard, but no one pays any attention to the new bride he is bringing home to his palace.

PA261 Song of Solomon 1:1-17 mp3

In this message, we begin to consider the interesting book of the Song of Solomon. Discussing the way this book is usually interpreted, and why that interpretation makes no sense and destroys the message of the book. What this book is really about, why it was written, and who its author was. Then, completing the intro, we begin to consider the book itself. The country girl heroine is taken into his train by Solomon, who is taken by her beauty and plans to marry her. The girl, however, is in love with a country boy, and is not at all excited about the prospect of marrying the king.

PSA153 Song of Solomon 5 – The Love Triangle Resolved mp3

Song of Solomon Series 5

In this message, the love triangle that we have seen in the Song of Solomon is resolved. The fate of the Shulamite girl and her shepherd boy lover is decided, and we see the themes of the book regarding love and marital exclusivity.

Scripture Passage: Song of Solomon 7:11-8:14

PSA152 Song of Solomon 4 – The Showdown mp3

Song of Solomon 4

In this message, our heroine country girl, provoked by the doubts of the court ladies, describes in glowing terms her beloved shepherd. Then, Solomon encounters her for their final showdown. He tempts her first with the pride of life, but she is not interested. Then, he tempts her with the lust of the flesh, but she again refuses him. How did a simple country girl like her stand up to the tempter, when Eve, the very first woman, could not?

Scripture Passage: Song of Solomon 5:8-7:11

PSA151 Song of Solomon 3 – The Desperate Plan mp3

The Song of Solomon Series 3

In this message, Solomon arrives back in Jerusalem with his latest new bride, but no one pays any attention to her. The shepherd gets another interview with our country girl heroine, and they decide on a desperate plan to try to free her from Solomon’s clutches. After he leaves, the country girl shares with the court ladies a dream she had wherein her worst fears regarding her beloved are revealed. We learn lessons from these things about our Lord and our relationship with Him.

Scripture Passage: Song of Solomon 3:6-5:7

PSA150 Song of Solomon 2 – The Courtship mp3

The Song of Solomon Series 2

In this message, we continue our consideration of the Song of Solomon and the love triangle it presents between a country girl, her country boy lover, and Solomon, who tries to steal her away from him. Her shepherd lover follows her and obtains an interview with her while Solomon is at his table. He rejoices to find her still faithful to him. To convince the court ladies of her love for her shepherd, the girl tells them a story of her courtship, when her brothers tried to keep the young couple from being together. We learn that they were betrothed, and discussed what exactly that meant in Israel.

Scripture Passage: Song of Solomon 1:12-3:5

PSA149 The Song of Solomon 1 mp3

The Song of Solomon Series 1

In this message, we begin a study of the Song of Solomon. First, considering the author and purpose of the book. Is this really a love poem from Solomon to one of his many wives, as many suggest? Why would such an unworthy thing be included in the Word of God? Yet if this is not what the book is about, then what is it about? Who might have written it, if not Solomon, and why? Finally, considering the first chapter, and the story it begins to set forth.

Scripture Passage: Song of Solomon 1:1-11

PA015 The Song of Solomon 1-8 mp3

In this lesson, we study the book of the Song of Solomon, and examine it verse-by-verse. We see what the story of the book is, and what lessons we can learn from it.