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PSA227 Philemon 2 – Not a Slave, But a Brother mp3

Philemon Series 2

In this message, Paul continues to urge Philemon to welcome back his runaway slave who has become a believer, Onesimus. He wished to keep Onesimus, but did not want to do so without Philemon’s permission, since he did not want a gift by compulsion. He believes Philemon can now receive him back for the outflow as a brother. Paul stakes his own relationship with Philemon on this. He should receive him like himself. Paul will pay back any debt Onesimus incurred. He hopes to come to Philemon himself soon. He sends greetings from his companions, and wishes Philemon grace.

Scripture Passage: Philemon 13-25


PSA226 Philemon 1 – Not Required, But Exhorted mp3

Philemon Series 1

In this message, we begin a study of the book of Philemon. This book illustrates the great principle of Ephesians that God is dealing graciously with us in a dispensation of total grace. Paul writes with Timothy and the inspiration of the Spirit. Philemon, the recipient, was a Colossian, dear to Paul. He greets them and compliments them on their faith and love. Paul could require Philemon to do as he wants, but instead he exhorts him to do as he will to his runaway slave Onesimus. He has brought Onesimus to faith in Christ, and wants Philemon to receive him as he would receive Paul himself.

Scripture Passage: Philemon 1-12

PA057 Philemon mp3

In this message, we study the short book of Philemon. Paul writes from Rome to a wealthy man in Colosse named Philemon. He writes him about a runaway slave of his named Onesimus, who has now come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through meeting Paul. We study the story of the book, and the lessons God has for us about grace and how God treats us that are behind it.