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PA223 Zephaniah 2:8-3:20 mp3

Zephaniah Series 2

In this message, the LORD promises destruction on Moab, Ammon, the Ethiopians, Assyria, and Nineveh. Yet His greatest threats are for Jerusalem, the rebellious city that would not receive His instruction. Yet there is a glorious future yet for Jerusalem, when He will act to save them. He will bring back their captives and will rejoice over them.


PA222 Zephaniah 1:1-2:7 mp3

Zephaniah Series 1

In this message, we begin a study of the book of Zephaniah, the last of the Minor Prophets written before the destruction of Jerusalem. The LORD promises to consume everything from the face of the land. He will destroy all traces of Ba’al out of the land. The day of the LORD is at hand, wherein He will punish all the inhabitants of the land. It will be a very dark day. The rich will not be able to save themselves by their wealth. He calls on the people to gather together and seek the LORD before that day comes. The land of the Philistines will be destroyed as well.