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PSA214 Baptism 6 – Baptism in the Epistles mp3

Baptism Series 6

In this message, we consider the passages on baptism from the epistles. To be baptized with Christ is to be identified with His death. Paul was thankful he baptized so few, which does not make sense if baptism was necessary for all believers. Our baptism today involves the reality of baptism, not the ritual. There were many water rituals used in the temple. Those saved with Noah are an illustration of how baptism, that is, identification, now saves us. We finish confirming the truth of baptism by looking at all its occurrences in the New Testament Scriptures.


PSA213 Baptism 5 – Baptism in Luke, John, and Acts mp3

Baptism Series 5

In this message, we continue our examination of the Bible passages that talk about baptism, this time considering those in Luke, John, and Acts. Considering the popularity of John’s baptism, and the reason he was baptizing. Then, from Acts, we consider water baptism and the conditions under which it was done, none of which line up with water rituals today. Considering the references to baptism in light of the difference between the ritual of baptism and the reality of baptism, and which is more important.

PSA212 Baptism 4 – Baptism in Matthew and Mark mp3

Baptism Series 4

In this message, we examine the occurrences of the word “baptism” in the gospels of Matthew and Mark in seeking to learn all that the Scriptures say about baptism. John and his baptism. The baptism Christ was baptized with. “The Great Commission” and baptizing the nations. John’s baptism, and baptism in Spirit and fire. He who believes and is baptized shall be saved…is baptism necessary for salvation?

PSA211 Baptism 3 – Baptism Today, or Where Is Our Baptismal? mp3

Baptism Series 3

In this message, we put together what we have learned about the meaning of baptism in order to consider baptism today. First, Holy Spirit baptism. What was it about? Is it something we should seek for today? Then, how was water baptism done? The evangelical world has largely accepted that it was by immersion. Does this match up with Scripture? What was water baptism in the New Testament all about? Is it still relevant for today? Then, considering identification with Jesus Christ. This is a reality which is far more important than any ritual.

PSA210 Baptism 2 – What Does “Baptism” Mean? mp3

Baptism Series 2

In this message, we discuss the meaning of the word “baptism.” We learn that this word is actually a Greek word that has never been translated. To discover its meaning, we must first realize that all words have multiple meanings, and this word too means more than one thing. We must consider the historical development of this word. We see it can mean “to dip,” “to dye,” “to overwhelm,” or “to identify.” Only an examination of the context of each occurrence can inform us which meaning it carries in any certain passage.

PSA209 Baptism 1 – One Lord, One Faith, Four Baptisms? mp3

Baptism Series 1

In this message, we begin a study of the topic of baptism. No ritual has been given more importance in the history of Christendom than water baptism. Yet at the same time it remains the cause of much controversy and contention. Only a study of the Scriptures can help us get at the truth. We consider John’s baptism with water, and the Lord’s own baptism by John. Yet we also consider the baptism with the Holy Spirit and with fire that John mentioned. Finally, we consider being baptized into Christ, as in Romans 6:3 and Galatians 3:27. In Ephesians 4:3-6, we learn that part of the unity of the Spirit is that there is one baptism. Yet from the Bible we can discover at least four! Which is the One?