PSA237 Grace Period Start to Finish mp3

What Happened After Acts 28:28–God’s Current Work Series

The dispensation of grace started with Paul’s great proclamation in Acts 28:28. During the first two years of this dispensation, while Paul was living in his own, rented house in Rome, he wrote four books: Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. The gospel of John was also written during this time, with the other gospels as background material. After Paul’s two years he was released and wrote I Timothy, II Timothy, and Titus. We discuss the dispensational significance of all these books. We consider that there was a “transition period” into the dispensation of grace between Acts 28:28 and the writing of II Timothy. We consider a fifth possible “dividing line” for today’s dispensation that some suggest: post Acts. Finally, we consider what God’s next move will be once the dispensation of grace comes to an end. Just how will it end, and what is next?


PA267 The Resurrections Part 3: Our Resurrection mp3

The Resurrections Series 3

In this message, we complete our study of the three future orders of resurrection by considering first the resurrection of they that are Christ’s at His parousia, and then by considering the great resurrection of all the dead, small and great, and the end. Then, what about us believers in Jesus Christ today? When will our resurrection be? We consider this and the out resurrection out from among the dead and what this means.

PSA236 What About the Body of Christ? mp3

What Happened After Acts 28:28–God’s Current Work Series

In this message, we consider the phrase “body of Christ.” Is this truly the special name for those who are part of God’s calling today? Considering the phrase “head over…the church which is His body” in Ephesians 1:22-23. What does it mean that Christ is the “head”? What is a “body,” and what body is this referring to? What is the meaning of the word “church,” and what is God talking about when He speaks of His church? Finally, what is the church which is His body, and what is this important passage truly telling us?

PA266 The Resurrections Part 2 – Orders of Resurrection mp3

The Resurrections Series 2

In this message, we consider the important truths about resurrection set forth in I Corinthians 15:20-24, which shows us that, while all will be raised, not all will be raised in the same resurrection. Rather, there are orders of resurrection, and companies in which people will be raised. First is the Anointed Firstfruits company. We discuss who will be involved in this company. Also, considering that this will involve a universal resurrection for Israel, when every Israelite will be raised.

PSA235 Which Dividing Line? mp3

What Happened After Acts 28:28–God’s Current Work Series

In this message, we consider the various dispensational dividing lines different people put forward as the start of God’s work today. The knee-jerk idea of the beginning of the New Testament. The popular idea of the events at Pentecost in Acts 2. The idea of the middle of Act, at the start of Paul’s ministry or various other places. Finally, the idea that it is as the end of the book of Acts at Paul’s pronouncement at Acts 28:28. Which one of these lines fits as the start of a work where God works with all nations, wherein He works in secret, and wherein He works exclusively in grace?

PA265 The Resurrections – The Bible and Resurrection mp3

The Resurrections Series 1

Our belief in resurrection is a crucial part of our faith in Jesus Christ. The Old Testament sets forth resurrection as the hope for men after death. Christ, in dealing with the doubting Sadducees, proved that there is indeed resurrection in the Old Testament, even in the books of Moses. In the future, all men will be raised from the dead. However, this does not mean that they will all be raised at the same time. There is the universal resurrection of the dead, but there are also resurrections out from among the dead. We discuss this difference.

PSA234 God’s Various Times mp3

What Happened After Acts 28:28–God’s Current Work Series

In this message, we consider the various times of God’s plans for this world. From the Garden of Eden in Genesis and the start of God’s work, God worked with various men until He chose the man Abraham and his descendants, the nation of Israel. In the Gospel period, Israel continued to be at the center of God’s plans and work. In the Acts period, God continued to work with Israel. Yet in the dispensation of grace, all nations are now equal in God’s current work. In the kingdom of God yet future, Israel will again be at the center, but all nations will be blessed through them.

PA264 Song of Solomon 6:4-8:14 mp3

Song of Solomon Series 4

In this message, the country girl has her final showdown with King Solomon. He praises her beauty, and hints at exalting her above all his other wives and concubines. The girl is not tempted by this, however. She informs him that she had come upon him originally quite by accident, and that she would prefer to never have met him or drawn his attention. When she tries to leave, however, he calls her back. This time, he tries to seduce her and stir up her passions. Now, she must play her trump card, and informs Solomon that she already belongs to her shepherd. He has no choice, then. We learn the lessons of the book: that the desire for marital exclusivity is a fire kindled by the Lord, and love is so great that many waters cannot quench it and the entire substance of one’s house cannot buy it. Have we learned the lessons of this great book of the Song of songs?

PA263 Song of Solomon 4:1-6:3 mp3

Song of Solomon Series 3

In this message, the country girl taken by force by Solomon back to Jerusalem in hopes that he can marry her has an interview in Jerusalem with her shepherd betrothed. He praises her for her faithfulness and constancy. Then, they concoct a desperate plan to try to free her from Solomon’s clutches. The girl recalls a dream to her Jerusalem maids wherein her love came to her and she was too tired to receive him, only later with horror to realize what she had done. These women doubt that her shepherd love can really be so great, and she, provoked, pours out praise upon him. They claim to want to see this one she has described so wonderfully, but she doubts their motives and speaks only vaguely of his location.

PA262 Song of Solomon 2:1-3:11 mp3

Song of Solomon Series 2

In this message, the country girl and her betrothed shepherd love continue their interview while Solomon is at his table. They praise each other and belittle their own qualities. Then, the girl relates a story that happened earlier in their relationship. He came to see her when the winter rains were over, eager to spend the day with her in the fields. Her brothers, who were in charge of the family, refused to allow her to do this, forcing her to work in their vineyards instead. That night she made a date with her shepherd, but he did not show up. She went out and found him, and brought him to her mother’s chambers for their time together. The scene changes, and Solomon’s cavalcade arrives at Jerusalem. The inhabitants notice many wonderful things about the parade, like his crown, his sedan-chair, and his honor guard, but no one pays any attention to the new bride he is bringing home to his palace.