PSA233 Kingdom Impacts in the Dispensation of Grace mp3

How does the truth of the coming Kingdom of God affect us in the dispensation of grace? What difference should the truth of the coming kingdom make in our lives? How does God want us to live in light of the coming kingdom?

PA255 Ecclesiastes 3:11-4:16 mp3

In this message, we consider what it means that God has put eternity in men’s hearts? What is best for man in this life? How is everything God does forever? Are men really like animals in death? Does man’s spirit go upward and an animal’s go downward? Considering the vanity of those oppressed with no one to comfort them, and of a man who labors as a miser with no one to leave his wealth to. Two are better than one. It is better to be young, wise, and poor than old, foolish, and a king.

PSA232 The Final Stages mp3

In this message, we examine the final stages of God’s future plan as outlined in Scripture, particularly in the book of Revelation. These are the thousand-year Parousia of Jesus Christ, the Little Season that follows it, and then the New Heavens and the New Earth. How is the period of Christ’s parousia different from the premillennial kingdom period that precedes it? What takes place in the Little Season? What does the ultimate period of the New Heavens and New Earth look like?

PA254 Ecclesiastes 2:1-3:11 mp3

In this message, King Solomon continues his discourse on wisdom. He tried mirth, great works, great possessions, selfish pleasures, many wives, and even wine and drunkenness to see what is good for men in their short lives. He concluded that there is no profit in all these things. Even to be wise does not answer everything, for the wise man and the fool both alike will die. He concluded that nothing is better for men than to eat and drink and enjoy all their labor. There is a fit time for everything, and we consider what such fit times might be.

PSA231 The Revolt in Zechariah mp3

In this message, we consider the book of Zechariah in a brief outline. It tells us things about Zechariah’s own day, about the coming kingdom of God, but we especially consider its picture of the coming period of the revolt against the kingdom of God, which dominates the end of the book. What does it have to tell us about that coming, climactic period of time?

PA253 Ecclesiastes 1:1-18 mp3

In this message, we begin a study of the book of Ecclesiastes. What is the message of the book? Is it a reliable book to glean truth from, or is it, as some claim, just an inspired record of man’s faulty reasoning? Who wrote the book, Solomon or someone else? Then we consider the first chapter. The Koheleth: who this is and what it means. He proclaims that all is vanity, things move in a circle, nothing is truly new, and there is no remembrance of former things with those who come after. Wisdom may be found, but it brings grief along with it.

PSA230 Foreshadowing the Kingdom mp3

In this message, we consider the book of Acts and how it foreshadows the kingdom of God to come. In how it began, in the unity that was experienced then, in the miracles that were performed, and in its triumphs over the rebellious governments of this world, the government of God in the Acts period foreshadowed that great government of God to come. Then, considering the government in Israel under Solomon as he took his reign, and how his method of taking over from his father David may foreshadow the way the kingdom of God will take over in the future and deal with those who are opposed to it.

PA252 II Thessalonians 3:1-18 mp3

In this message, we complete our study of Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. Paul calls on them to pray for himself and his coauthors, for the glorification of the Word of God and their deliverance from wicked men. The Lord is faithful, who will guard their hearts and direct them into love and patience. They command them to withdraw from every brother who does not walk orderly or keep the traditions they gave. These were not working, but merely acting as busybodies. These should work for their own food, or else not eat. They should not get tired of doing good. As usual, he leaves them with grace.

PA251 II Thessalonians 2:8-17 mp3

In this message, we consider the epiphaneia of Christ’s parousia. Does this show that the epiphaneia is the same as the parousia every time it is mentioned? The lawless one comes with the power of Satan. Many are sent a strong delusion to believe the lie, but does this mean that they were treated unfairly by God sending them this delusion? Paul thanks God for the Thessalonians and prays that He will comfort their hearts and establish them in every good word and work.

PA250 II Thessalonians 1:11-2:8 mp3

In this message, Paul, Silas, and Timothy pray for the Thessalonians that God would count them worthy and Christ would be glorified in them. Concerning the Parousia of Christ and their gathering to Him, Paul wishes them not to be easily shaken in mind, even by a letter supposedly from Paul, that the day of the Lord had already come. That day will not come before an apostasy comes first and the man of sin is revealed. Paul had told them these things while he was with them, so they should know them. The Holy Spirit restrains this rebellion until He is taken out of the way to begin the tribulation period.