PA302 Kingdom of God Part 2: Dispensational Chart of the Kingdom mp3

In this message, we consider and discuss the dispensational chart on the website , called the “Dispensational Chart of the Kingdom.” I offer my comments and thoughts on this chart and what we can learn from it. Considering the Gospel Period, the Acts Period, the Dispensation of Grace, and the Manifest Kingdom of God.


PA301 The Kingdom of God Part 1: The Days of Scripture mp3

We begin a series answering questions I received about my beliefs regarding the kingdom of God. First, considering the various days of Scripture. What days have to do with the kingdom of God? How do we tell the various days of Scripture apart?

PA300 Angels Part 6: Angels Human and Satanic mp3

In this message, we consider the times the New Testament uses the word “angels” to refer to human messengers. In the Old Testament, we saw this was the main use of the word, whereas in the New the ministry of heavenly angels is much more prominent. Then, we consider the angels that belong to Satan, the wicked one. What can we learn about his messengers? Thus we conclude our study of angels in the Bible.

PA299 Angels Part 5: Angels and Powers mp3

In this message, we continue our study of angels in Scripture. Considering the appearance of heavenly angels in the New Testament. There is much more angelic ministry in the New Testament than in the old, we notice. There are particularly many references in the books of Hebrews and Revelation, showing how angelic ministry is related to the nation of Israel. The heavenly powers of Revelation are greatly involved in what happens then. Finally, we notice the “young men” at Christ’s tomb who, we believe, were quite clearly heavenly angels.

PA298 Angels Part 4 – New Testament Angels mp3

In this message, we consider the heavenly messengers called “angels” as we find them in the New Testament. What about the idea of “guardian angels”? Does the Bible indicate that God has a specific angel assigned to watch over every one of us? Does this fit with His work in the dispensation of grace? Do angels marry? Are there male and female angels, and even angel children? Moving on from the gospels, we consider the heavenly angels in the book of Acts, as well as those in the epistles of Paul.

PA297 Angels Part 3 – Angels By Name mp3

In this message, we consider passages from the Old Testament where angels are mentioned, but not necessarily called “angels.” First, we consider the “sons of God” as they appear in Genesis and Job. These appear to be angelic beings, ones who represent God but some of whom have fallen. Then, we consider the named angels in Scripture, which are Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God, and Michael, who is Israel’s special prince and the archangel. We consider the references to them in both the Old and New Testaments. Then we go on to consider angels in the New Testament. First, we consider “an angel of the Lord.” This is often not the Lord Himself, as we saw in the Old Testament, and He has now become a Man in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ.

PSA243 The Great Tribulation Test mp3

In this message, we consider that after this dispensation of grace we live in comes the Kingdom of God. This kingdom ends in a great test of all mankind living on this earth. This is a real test, similar to the testing of Adam. The nations decide to revolt against God’s government. New nations and rulers arise under their own power. How long is the tribulation? When does the Day of the LORD begin in the tribulation? What causes the great flight to the mountains, and who is to flee? What is the supernatural element in all this? Finally, we consider the great final battle that ends this period and the glorious Parousia of Jesus Christ.

PA296 Angels Part 2 – The Messengers of God mp3

In this message, we consider angels as the messengers of God. Multiple times in the Old Testament, these are clearly heavenly beings whom God sends as messengers, His agents to perform His will. However, there are many more times when the word “angel” is used for a human, earthly messenger, and not a heavenly being at all. Thus this word, that we think of as being the name of a race of beings, is actually just the name of a job, not much different from our “postal worker” or “messenger boy.”

PSA242 Bins for Bible Prophecies mp3

There is a need for proper sorting of prophetic material into a proper order of future events. We must sort predictive prophecies, like one might sort screws into bins. Commonly accepted is the idea that future bins include the tribulation period, the thousand-year parousia of Jesus Christ, the little season, and the new heaven and new earth. Yet are these bins sufficient to incorporate all future predicted events? I argue that they are not, but that we must add another bin, the last days, which is a pre-millennial kingdom of God. I show that this period must exist, and demonstrate prophecies that must be sorted into it and not into other periods.

PA295 Angels Part 1: The Angel of the LORD mp3

In this message, we begin a study of angels in the Bible, beginning with the Old Testament. The phrase “the angel of the LORD” is, we would suspect, actually a reference to the pre-incarnate appearances of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. We consider when this phrase occurs, and what we can learn from it. What about “the angel of God” as well? Or “His angel”?