PA264 Song of Solomon 6:4-8:14 mp3

Song of Solomon Series 4

In this message, the country girl has her final showdown with King Solomon. He praises her beauty, and hints at exalting her above all his other wives and concubines. The girl is not tempted by this, however. She informs him that she had come upon him originally quite by accident, and that she would prefer to never have met him or drawn his attention. When she tries to leave, however, he calls her back. This time, he tries to seduce her and stir up her passions. Now, she must play her trump card, and informs Solomon that she already belongs to her shepherd. He has no choice, then. We learn the lessons of the book: that the desire for marital exclusivity is a fire kindled by the Lord, and love is so great that many waters cannot quench it and the entire substance of one’s house cannot buy it. Have we learned the lessons of this great book of the Song of songs?