PA262 Song of Solomon 2:1-3:11 mp3

Song of Solomon Series 2

In this message, the country girl and her betrothed shepherd love continue their interview while Solomon is at his table. They praise each other and belittle their own qualities. Then, the girl relates a story that happened earlier in their relationship. He came to see her when the winter rains were over, eager to spend the day with her in the fields. Her brothers, who were in charge of the family, refused to allow her to do this, forcing her to work in their vineyards instead. That night she made a date with her shepherd, but he did not show up. She went out and found him, and brought him to her mother’s chambers for their time together. The scene changes, and Solomon’s cavalcade arrives at Jerusalem. The inhabitants notice many wonderful things about the parade, like his crown, his sedan-chair, and his honor guard, but no one pays any attention to the new bride he is bringing home to his palace.